Saturday, July 21, 2018

Up and Away to Murder: A Comic Book Mystery

What's this? Another mystery in the works? Yes! Although this mystery is coming along very slowly so I've decided to put it up as a serial on Wattpad. What's Wattpad? A free reading site. Lots to discover from awesome authors all over the world. If you are interested in following along on this one chapter at a time journey, click the Wattpad link and make sure to hit the follow button.

Up and Away to Murder: A Comic Book Store Mystery

Odelia "Odie" McFadden is used to being conned into following her best friend, Dee, into trouble. Although she allows Dee to set up her private investigation practice in the spare room of Odie's comic book store, Up and Away Comics, Odie vows to stay out of the investigative affairs and stick to what she knows: comic books.

When Dee's newest case takes an unexpected turn, she ends up with a dead client and becomes a resident at the local intensive care unit. Odie's guilt for not backing up Dee is massive, but her curiosity is stoked when she uncovers Dee's deceased client is connected to Odie's comic book store.

Odie's knowledge of the client, and the comic book world, opens doors that would be closed to normal investigators. After all, the geek community is a tight one. With the help of her best friend's experienced P.I. brothers, and sister-in-law, Odie slowly sharpens her investigative skills to uncover a web of professional jealousy, corporate espionage, and conspiracy theory hungry fans willing to do anything for the deceased. 

To solve the murder and find justice for Dee's assault, Odie must upgrade her status from side kick to heroine.


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