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Happy Book Birthday to LSP #1

It's live! Get your copy of Lost Souls ParaAgency and the Three Witches of Burberry for $.99 this week only! Sale price ends on February 13th
Grab it at any of the following retailers:

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Welcome to the LSP and read Chapter One

Welcome to the Lost Souls ParaAgency! I've kicked around an idea since 2012 about three magic-shunning witches whose great-aunts are trying to force them into a love match. Finding love for these gals would already be a challenge, but I thought adding a super cool secret agency that keeps  regular folks from discovering that paranormals and supernaturals were real added to the fun. 

I hope you think so too! 

The first book is here and ready to launch. Isn't the cover pretty? Thanks to Yocla Designs for taking my rough idea and making it a reality. Do you want to see what my original cover mock up looked like before she worked her magic? Come over to my LSP Facebook Group and I'll show it off. For those of you with real Photoshop skills it'll make you cringe.

Without any further fanfare **insert trumpets playing anyway** here is the Assignment chapter of Lost Souls ParaAgency and the Three Witches of Burberry. The book will be available for $0.99 release week only. So get …