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Book trailer for Funeral Fakers!

Check out the coolest video for the upcoming Funeral Fakers Mystery series from Sweet Promise Press! Coming in November.

Up and Away to Murder: A Comic Book Mystery

What's this? Another mystery in the works? Yes! Although this mystery is coming along very slowly so I've decided to put it up as a serial on Wattpad. What's Wattpad? A free reading site. Lots to discover from awesome authors all over the world. If you are interested in following along on this one chapter at a time journey, click the Wattpad link and make sure to hit the follow button.

Up and Away to Murder: A Comic Book Store Mystery

Odelia "Odie" McFadden is used to being conned into following her best friend, Dee, into trouble. Although she allows Dee to set up her private investigation practice in the spare room of Odie's comic book store, Up and Away Comics, Odie vows to stay out of the investigative affairs and stick to what she knows: comic books.

When Dee's newest case takes an unexpected turn, she ends up with a dead client and becomes a resident at the local intensive care unit. Odie's guilt for not backing up Dee is massive, but her curiosity …

Fan Art Thursday

My biggest fan (also my 11 yr old daughter) made this amazing drawing of Amira and Lex. Isn't it the cutest? And it fits the cutesy, cozy vibes of the Lost Souls ParaAgency books so well. It's inspired by the scene where the candle keeps flickering behind Lex's back in the Tea Haven when they first meet. I hope it gives you a smile!

I'm so "Pointer Sisters" Excited about the Funeral Fakers

And I just can't hide it! Do I have you singing in your head or out loud now? Good. Mission accomplished. Also, I definitely just showed my age right there. But enough of that and on with the good news.

I recently signed a contract with Sweet Promise Press to write a book in their Funeral Fakers series. These books will be cozy mysteries set in North Carolina. Not paranormal, but just as cutesy and cozy as my Lost Souls ParaAgency series.

What is a Funeral Faker you ask? Here's the description from the site:

Out of work actresses are employed by a Personal Mourning firm within the area to act as bereaved friends/relatives/occasional partners of the deceased during funerals/wakes/memorial services and afterward.

Is that a real thing? Yes. Yes, it is. Here's an article from a real faker who states this is a growing industry in some countries. "I'm a Professional Mourner."

The series will debut in November and there will be six authors in the initial debut from Novem…

The Jordie Files: Episode #1 Now Available!

My newsletter and Facebook group exclusive short story is here! Do you love Lex's assistant Jordie as much as I do? Then you'll love this short story that follows his own side adventures.

Welcome to the Lost Souls ParaAgency, where agents work together to ensure the safety of humans and prevent exposure of the paranormal community. 

The Assignment—check in on a missing sheepsquatch.

Jordie Small is ready to break out of his assistant status and take on a role as a full-fledged agent. But first, he has some minor assignments to complete.

To get your FREE copy of The Jordie Files: Episode #1, either join my newsletter mailing list OR join my Facebook Group: The LSP Reader's Group. After a double-opt in on the mailing list, the email will have an Instafreebie link for the download. In the Files section of the Facebook Group, the document will have the Instafreebie link.

Read Chapter One of LSP and the Ghostly Reunion

It's almost here!! Lost Souls ParaAgency and the Ghostly Reunion will release sometime this week. What's going on with Amira and Lex? Check out the first chapter for a sneak peek. Happy reading! ~Kizzie

Chapter One: The Assignment
Ghostly haunts and ghostly taunts A familiar face for Samuel Chase awaits

After several moments of silence following the pronouncement, Amira Walker glanced up from her notebook and stared at the man across the desk. The cream-colored parchment in the director’s hand exploded into a confetti mist with a muffled poof. From the colorful mini-explosion and the horrid attempt at rhymes, the personality of the assigner reminded her of her youngest sister, Ris. Vibrant, explosive, unpredictable. The pink, blue, purple, and yellow remnants landed on the desk, and Sparsh raked the paper puddle into a black wastebasket. He wore a stern expression, a black, tailored three-piece suit, and a tie with bright yellow pineapples over a rainbow background. The first time sh…

Do You Like Short Stories?

Let me rephrase that question a bit. Do you like weird short stories? If so, I have a few up on Wattpad - a free reading site.

These shorts don't quite fit with my LSP or romance worlds, but I think some readers might enjoy them.

Go here to read:

And feel free to follow me! I follow back.

Enjoy ~ Kizzie

Coming Soon for Newsletter Subscribers and Group Members Only

Hey happy readers! If you are a member of the LSP Facebook Group or on my newsletter mailing list then you already know that shortly after Lost Souls ParaAgency and the Ghostly Reunion releases at the end of the April, I will also release the first in a series of free short stories from the silly yet fun sidekick, Jordie.

The Jordie Files will show him working on smaller assignments in his quest to become a full-time LSP Agent. I'm having a great time setting him up with his first encounter with SHEEPSQUATCH. Also involved might be some peach cobbler moonshine and a cat that seems to be hiding a mystery of its own.

My research has landed me with some cool links to share:

Beware the Sheepsquatch

Peach Cobbler Moonshine recipe

Such fun!! Again, if you want to ride along with Jordie on his mini-adventures, either join my LSP Facebook Group or my newsletter. They are the only two places these free short stories will be available.

Also - more news on the Three Witches audiobook and Ghos…

Blurb is the Word

Hey, hey! Welcome to the first day of Spring. I hope you are enjoying it where ever you might be. I'm excited to present the blurb for book two of the Lost Souls ParaAgency series, LSP and the Ghostly Reunion. I'd love to have this book up for preorder, but I missed a deadline on another project and Amazon punishes by taking away my preorder privileges. That's my bad. However, I will be announcing a release date soon. So stay tuned!!

Lost Souls ParaAgency and the Ghostly Reunion

When a hunter becomes the hunted, it’s time to send in the LSP.
Welcome to the Lost Souls ParaAgency, where agents work together to ensure the safety of humans and prevent exposure of the paranormal community.
The Assignment—stop a spooky spirit from terrorizing a reality television ghost hunter.
Amira Walker and Lex Dimas are back as a mystery-solving duo in this second installment of the Lost Souls ParaAgency series.
Lex wants nothing more than to hang up his agent status and take Amira to a deserted …