Friday, June 29, 2018

I'm so "Pointer Sisters" Excited about the Funeral Fakers

And I just can't hide it! Do I have you singing in your head or out loud now? Good. Mission accomplished. Also, I definitely just showed my age right there. But enough of that and on with the good news.

I recently signed a contract with Sweet Promise Press to write a book in their Funeral Fakers series. These books will be cozy mysteries set in North Carolina. Not paranormal, but just as cutesy and cozy as my Lost Souls ParaAgency series.

What is a Funeral Faker you ask? Here's the description from the site:

Out of work actresses are employed by a Personal Mourning firm within the area to act as bereaved friends/relatives/occasional partners of the deceased during funerals/wakes/memorial services and afterward.

Is that a real thing? Yes. Yes, it is. Here's an article from a real faker who states this is a growing industry in some countries. "I'm a Professional Mourner."

The series will debut in November and there will be six authors in the initial debut from November to December. I'm excited about this opportunity and I really hope you'll grab the books as soon as they release.

For more information on Sweet Promise Press, you can join their newsletter mailing list or Facebook group.

Happy Reading!

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