Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Blurb is the Word

Hey, hey! Welcome to the first day of Spring. I hope you are enjoying it where ever you might be. I'm excited to present the blurb for book two of the Lost Souls ParaAgency series, LSP and the Ghostly Reunion. I'd love to have this book up for preorder, but I missed a deadline on another project and Amazon punishes by taking away my preorder privileges. That's my bad. However, I will be announcing a release date soon. So stay tuned!!

Lost Souls ParaAgency and the Ghostly Reunion

When a hunter becomes the hunted, it’s time to send in the LSP.

Welcome to the Lost Souls ParaAgency, where agents work together to ensure the safety of humans and prevent exposure of the paranormal community.

The Assignment—stop a spooky spirit from terrorizing a reality television ghost hunter.

Amira Walker and Lex Dimas are back as a mystery-solving duo in this second installment of the Lost Souls ParaAgency series.

Lex wants nothing more than to hang up his agent status and take Amira to a deserted island for a romantic getaway, but his manipulative grandfather has other plans. Once again coerced into taking an assignment he doesn’t want, Lex’s top priority is Amira’s safety—whether she appreciates his overly cautious behavior or not.

This is Amira’s first real assignment as an agent, and she’s out to prove that her skills as a sleuth can far outvalue her skills as a witch. But suppressing her witchy side isn’t the only complication for this assignment. She has to come face to face with Samuel Chase—the jerk extraordinaire who will exploit anyone to gain notoriety as a ghost hunter. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Lex’s overprotectiveness is putting a damper on their newfound romance.

Can she solve her first case without resorting to magic and find a balance in her romantic relationship?

There are some big changes coming in Burberry!

Available for preorder - Book 4 of the Lost Souls ParaAgency series. S weet Romance. Spooky Mystery. Cozy Good Times. Welcome ...